Indian Entrepreneur Discovery Series : Raising kids as agents of change with Upcycler's Lab

Today we bring to you a start-up led by a passionate young Indian woman edupreneur, who has taken up a serious endeavour and turned it into fun and play for young kids by using behavioural economics and play-based learning.

Here's presenting Amishi, founder of Upcycler's Lab and her story in her own words.


Tell us a bit about Upcycler’s Lab. How did it come to be?

Amishi: I  was introduced to several sustainable and eco-friendly organisations in the UK while pursuing my Master’s in International Management from the University of Bath School of Management. After returning to India, I took up a full-time marketing job at a travel startup. In my free time and during the weekends, I experimented with upcycling waste products, which gave birth to The Upcycle Project in 2014 in Mumbai.

Later as a part of the Global Shapers Community, a youth initiative by the World Economic Forum, I worked on a non-profit project with 1,500 children. Here, we turned consumer plastic into 7,000 eco bricks and successfully built a security cabin. The project made me realise that children are powerful agents of change, influencing not just their parents and teachers but were able to get the local DMC and political parties involved as well. This led me to start my second social enterprise, Upcycler’s Lab, in 2018.

Tell about the ideology behind Upcyclers Lab range of products.

Amishi: Upcycler’s Lab is a young start-up changing the way kids think about the environment. The for-profit social enterprise uses behavioural economics and play-based learning to change mindsets amongst children aged 2 to 9. Through our award-winning products, including board games and puzzles, Upcycler's Lab breaks down concepts like waste segregation and ocean conservation for easy understanding.

With a belief that children can be powerful agents of change at its core, our educational start-up is building a robust portfolio of products to promote inclusive, fun and long-lasting learning around environmental goals.  

What do you like about being a part of the JoGenii family?

Amishi: We really like the fact that unlike mass-product marketplaces JoGenii focuses on niche products and highlights brands like ours and being a parent-led venture, you are focused on bringing the best of the home grown brands under one roof!


Check all Upcycler's Lab's products on JoGenii here:

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