Lights, Camera & Action!

Rs. 350


Children can identify emotions without a word uttered, and beautifully express their feelings with a charming innocence. These cards aim to further enrich children with a better understanding of emotions and feelings. We give you a level playing field to discuss and explore the varied emotions and feelings, through play.

Our cards also teach them that feelings are to be expressed freely and the varied emotional signals are a normal part of growing up. This insight will definitely endow them with emotional well-being as they face the world at every stage of their lives.

We agree with the adage - ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words.’ So, we have paid special attention to the illustrations. Our talented illustrator has crafted the various emotions in all its detailed glory. Our pack of 32 flash cards will give children a platform to identify and express their emotions and feelings perfectly.

Size of the card: 10*14 cm
Number of cards : 32
Material: printed front & back, 350 gsm board


Country of Origin: India

Ships from Pune, MH

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