With the current wave of COVID-19 spreading across the country again, we are seeing delays in pickups and deliveries across India. We are working closely with our delivery partners to understand how the individual state government restrictions are affecting their operations.

In case of any doubts or concerns, kindly reach us at care@jogenii.com

Important updates

  1. We are accepting orders online.
  2. We will be shipping orders in accordance with state government guidelines.
  3. Kindly expect delays in all deliveries, as against usual timelines.
  4. We are personally reaching out to each customer over Whatsapp / email to keep them updated on the status of their order, depending on the products and the restrictions at the location that they originate, or restrictions in the delivery location itself.

Location-specific updates

  • Delhi - We are accepting orders for delivery to Delhi. Shipping to a delivery location in Delhi is currently not restricted. Pickups from Delhi are restricted and will be processed only after 7th June (As per current Delhi regulation. Updates will be mentioned here as per any changes in Delhi Govt regulation restrictions).
  •  Maharashtra - We are accepting orders for delivery across Maharashtra. Shipping to delivery locations in Maharashtra has started and we have started processing older orders. Pickups from Maharashtra are not restricted. Certain areas might face unexpected delays owing to stricter lockdowns.
  • Fresh lockdowns have been imposed in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, starting 10th May. We are still evaluating the effects on pickups and deliveries, and post updates here.
  • Madhya Pradesh is facing lockdown restrictions in delivering goods.
  • Many states are facing pickup and delivery delays owing to lockdown or lockdown-like restrictions (Including but not restricted to Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Haryana, Goa, J&K, Karnataka, Punjab, M.P., Gujarat)

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding in these trying times