Desi Toys 3 in 1 puzzle set , Teen Paheli with Burr, Star and snake cube puzzle

Rs. 999


The 3-in-1 Wooden Puzzle Games Set triples the fun by giving you three puzzle games that you can play at home or at the office. Perfect for passing the time and taking a break from the stress of your day and keeping your mind sharp, this set is sure to delight any adult or teen.

The puzzles included in the 3-in-One Wooden Puzzle Games Set are three dimensional building games. Each one consists of wooden pieces, which are designed to be fit together to create a finished three-dimensional shape. Solving the puzzle takes patience and skill, and you can enjoy putting the pieces together again and again.

The set includes a Star puzzle, a snake cube and interlocking blocks burr puzzle each of around 2.25 inches. For puzzle solution, google on youtube the names of the puzzles.This puzzle set is so attractive that it can easily be used as a decoration in a den, family room, office or waiting room. It's also a favorite table game for cafes and coffee shops.

Because the pieces and the storage box are handcrafted, you're guaranteed to be impressed with the quality of the game set.

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