Tales from the Wild - A Jungle Theme Playmat

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Size: Playmat and 1 Book
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An interactive larger-than-life Jungle themed playmat with specially crafted stories! Get into the act and read the story to them, while they solve some clues and get
them to move along the mat on all fours.

Through the storyline, your child guesses which animal she/he needs to get to and also gets to know about where they stay, what they eat, what they do and what noises they make!

This adorable illustrated playmat is accompanied by 2 books to choose from.

Book 1 – “Lion who lost his crown”:- revolves around a lion discovering the jungle through his own set of problems! Teaches kids about the habitats of different animals, sounds they make, the colours and animal pattern they possess.

Book 2- “Hey! Who’s that on my tail”:- takes you through a journey of the Animal food chain.

Size: 36inches * 55inches (3ft * 4.5ft)
Thickness: 10mm

Country of Origin: India

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