A to Z English Alphabet Quiet Book

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This is an 8 Pages English Alphabet Quiet Book.

Size of the Book is 21.5 x 21.5 Cms Approximately.

This Book helps learning letters in a Fun Way and help in Improving Vocabulary. All letters and Characters are removable so kid can mix and Match the letters with the objects.

They can also Frame a Name or word with the letters like D 0 G , K I T E etc. and learn spellings. This Book not only helps in learning English alphabets but Kid can also enjoy playing with the Characters/0bjects.

How to Introduce Alphabet Book To Your Child:

Step by Step

  • Introduce them Each Alphabet and their Respective objects like A for Airplane , B is for Bird etc.
  •  Ask Them to Match the alphabet with their respective object
  • When they start recognizing the letters , Ask them to Find out letters like Show me "A" or "S" etc.
  • Ask Them To Find 0ut all the animals or Eatables or Music Instruments From the Book. * Take Few 0bjects from the Book and Ask them to Build A story Around Them.
  • Take any Particular 0bject and Can Talk to them In detail about it. 
  • They can also Use letters and Make small - small Words. 
  • Ask them To find 0ut The Animal who is White or Blue in Color etc. 
  • 0R letters can be used with Flashcards. {Matching Alphabet Activity}   
  • You May Follow and introduce Things as per the child interest. This book is Not just about English Alphabets but kids can learn so Many Things. To make The characters More interesting , We have Given one Zipper to learn Zip/Unzip on the Cloud and a Jar With Beads to count beads from {1-5}, Volcano has a Fire String to Talk about Eruption and lava etc. or A sun To play A Maze game.

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