Adventurer - 200 Wooden Building Blocks

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Adventurer | Stage Three


At this stage, children begin to experiment with connecting two blocks with a space between them with a third block. Children learn to bridge by trial and error as they begin to explore balance and their eye-hand coordination improves.

Their block play becomes more creative and imaginative. They may start building bridges, archways, tunnels, and more elaborate structures. They will also start to sort the blocks and make roads, paths, and patterns. Your child may start to tell stories about what they are building and act out scenes from their life.

Enclosures (4-year)

At this stage, a child will place blocks to enclose a space. This shows an understanding of children's inside and outside. Enclosures, like bridges, become landscapes for imaginative play with props like dollhouse dolls, farm animals and such. Enclosures and bridging are the first "technical" acts of block building that children accomplish.

Representational Building (4 -5 years old)

At this stage, you will see children using symmetry, patterns, balance and designs to create buildings (Engineering, Math and Science). There is an element of dramatic play to their block building. The play can include naming the structure and its function (and letting those who interfere or who try to redesign know they are wrong!). It's tempting to correct your child. But do not forget this is their imagination; they are the architects.

These blocks are thoughtfully designed and crafted in European Beech and Birchwood and finished with food-grade linseed oil making them completely soft and smooth for little hands, as well as totally mouth safe. Beech and Birchwood ensure that the blocks are stable, smooth and strong.

Adventurer set contains a total of 200 elements - 90 solid blocks, 33 large flat blocks, 17 small flat blocks and 60 stick blocks.

Every three months we will be adding one new block to our STEAM Play Blocks Pack. This means that the pack you buy will continue to become interesting, challenging and relevant for your growing child. Your child will be able to create larger and more complex structures paving a path for higher cognitive abilities.

Package Dimensions(cms) : 35*35*35

Material : Beechwood and Birchwood

Skills : STEAM(science,technology,the art,mathematics)
Problem solving abilities
Mathematical skills
Visual Spatial skills

Country of Origin: India

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