Anger Slayer- Kids Anger Slayer Board Game Kit

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The Anger Slayer is a great way to help kids learn to handle their anger better through play. The board game introduces players to different coping mechanisms to deal with anger through a fun spin wheel which can also be used independently. The kit also comes with a worksheet to help you introspect the cause of your anger and figure which underlying emotion might have led to an outburst.

WHAT'S INSIDE: Anger Slayer Board Game, 4 pawns, Anger Slayer Spin Wheel, Anger Slayer Cards, Anger Thermometer, Anger Roots Worksheet, Anger Roadmap

HOW TO PLAY THE BOARD GAME: Spin the spinner and move to the nearest tile of the colour you get on the spinner. Pick a card of the tile colour and complete the activity given on it to move forward in the game.

LEARN FUN TECHNIQUES TO DEAL WITH ANGER: The game cards contain fun techniques which can help kids deal with anger. There is a variety of activities to suit children with different interests. You also get to meet superhero Mimo who takes the kids on a learning adventure

TOOLS TO UNDERSTAND ANGER BETTER: The Anger Roots and Anger Roadmap worksheets help kids think through their feeling of anger and understand it better. The Anger Thermometer is a fun tool to communicate how angry the kids are feeling at a moment

WHY GIFT THIS: Boys or girls, this one is a great hit with kids and families but most importantly, you get to talk about dealing with anger in a fun way!

Age guidance - 5-8 Years 

Package size - 30*22.5*23cm

Ships from - Vasai, MH

Country of Origin - India 

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