Animal Puzzle Blocks

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This creative jigsaw puzzle is fascinating for children who lock each piece together by trial and error till they realise the colour pattern on the puzzle. Once they manage to do so, they find it more fun to repeatedly dismantle and rearrange the blocks.

As children analyse and retain the shapes' attributes and match the pieces together to make the complete picture, they use sequencing and deduction which develops overall logical reasoning. Building with jigsaw blocks of different shapes gives children an insight on various aspects of geometry. Since the shapes are both symmetric as well as non-symmetric, there is an understanding of direction as well. Children love to explore and create new patterns with these jigsaw blocks. This enhances their creative and thinking ability. Inserting the jigsaw blocks in one another helps children develop fine motor skills and fosters dexterity.

Set includes 12 wooden cubes each side printed with a part of a different animal, a wooden tray, a detailed instruction manual all packed in an elegant Skola Doodle Box.

Height - 4.2cm, Width - 14 cm Length - 18 cm

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