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Stories with morals impart all-important life lessons to a child’s life, which in turn forms a strong foundation for them to each situation. ‘Be Good Moral Stories – Pack of 5 Books’ the stories in these books teach that being considerate, kind, polite, patient and supporting is important for a child’s development and emotional well-being. This will help them to cope better with their emotions.

• Ideal for ages 5-10
• Five books of 24 pages each
• Includes moral lessons
• Colourful presentation
• Nice cover design

Designed and compiled keeping young kids in view lessons learnt through these interesting stories will definitely help children become confident citizens. Nice illustrations add beauty to each story that also guides young learners on the path of righteousness. It is an excellent resource to teach children to learn to differentiate between right and wrong and building moral values right from the root level.

Age Guidance:5-12


Product Dimension:28x22x1.5cm

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Country of Origin India


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