Bee Amazing | Mini Quiet Book

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This is a Mini Quiet Book. This is 15*15 cms in Size and 4 pages with different activities. The quiet book is a good sensory toy for the kids helping to develop the fine motor skills , Problem Solving Cognitive skills, Shapes and Color Identification, Behavior and Mental logic, as well as Imagination and to Improve Creativity.

Pages :

Cover Page : Cover Page has a Bee Hive and A Bee finger Puppet attached with velcro. Kids love playing and Pretending Using Finger Puppet.

1st Page- This is a Fruit Plucking Activity. Kids can learn different color /Fruits and keep them in the Right basket. Apples and Pear has Hook n Loop and Velcro that helps in Developing Pincer Grip. To Learn further, Play Pattern Puzzle Game using Apple and Pears. Also can learn counting (1-5) with Apples and Pears.

2nd Page- This Page is about Learning Geometric shapes. Kids Touch , See and Learn Basic Shapes.

3rd Page- Cake Stacking Activity helps kids learn about the size and helps hand eye coordination. Stack the Cake layers according to the size and Order. Cake Layers have Velcro at the back and can be detached and reattached.

4th Page- This is Kids Favorite Activity. Catching the fish with a Magnetic Rod helps kids Hand Eye Coordination and Fine Motor Skills.

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