Bot Robot and his Allen Key

Rs. 2,999


Our Bot Robot and his Allen Key

Handwork is given prime importance for growing children. Simply put, it has multiple benefits for them. 

Your child will be able to open the entire robot with the given Allen Key. The robot has multiple washers, screws to be opened right from the top of the head, arms, legs, and multiple of them on the torso. Your child will be engaged for hours together in opening and putting the robot back together!


1. We want growing children to have fun! Fun through handwork.

2. We want them to feel confident, the confidence that comes from opening equipment and putting it back together.

3. We wanted to stir away from wooden nuts and bolts(nothing wrong). But, we wanted the real feel of nuts, bolts, washers, and an Allen key to open and put together everything!

Benefits of a child, using the Allen key and their own hands to open the screws, nuts, and washers and then putting them back together.

1. Fine Motor Skills Twisting, pinching, and turning each of the objects is great for those smaller muscles in the hand, which of course helps with other activities such as writing.

2. Focus, imagine, holding hardware(an Allen Key, Nuts, Bolts) for the first time in the form of a toy. It does need your focus and attention.

3. Survival skills, we personally feel and believe that children should be equipped with basic survival skills.

BOT ROBOT is designed for a long-term playmate and for long hours of immersed playtime.

Designed in Pinewood and painted with safe water-based non-toxic paint. Comes with an Allen Key. The robot is 10 inches tall.

Recommended for children 4 years and above.

Country of Origin: India

Ships from Mumbai, MH


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