Desi Toys Brass Miniature Rolling Pin pretend play set, Pital Ka Chakla Belan, Collectible

Rs. 499



A collectible miniature brass  set which is beautifully  handcrafted as an exact replica of the original size utencil by perfectly crafting the minute details by skilled Indian artisans. Ideal for gifting and even passing on across generations.

Dimension & Content - 1 Rolling pin set with Chakla  measuring 8 cms in diameter and Belan of  9 cms length, Kadai 5.5 cms diameter, Chimpta 10.5cms in length, Vessel holder is 11 cms in length and Pan is 9.5cms

Age & Gender - Collectible, Age:15+ years

Social Impact - Handcrafted by Indian Artisans, Sustainable materials used, Revival of Classic Indian toys/games, Backing an Indigenous Toy brand with Indian cultural roots, 100% Made in India contributing to 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'

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