BUSY BOARD | Dress Up!

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Practice getting ready with this fun interactive board! Your child will learn everything from zipping, buttoning, and even tying laces! Make getting dressed up a fun activity your child will be wanting to do all on their own.

Promotes: Fine motor skills, Life Skills, Independent Play, Self Help

Why Choose Our Dress-up Busy Board?

Our bag-like design makes it easy for your child to carry the bag themselves. Bring it along on a long drive or when you go to a restaurant, the board is sure to keep them entertained! Promote Independence Zipping, buttoning, texture, lacing, and buckling are just a few of the skills you can learn from this board, making not only getting ready easy, but tasks such as buckling into the car seat or packing up a book bag!


Age - 1-6 years 

product Size: 12 x 11 x 9 inches.

Packaging: Plastic Shipping Bag + Paper Box 

Choking Hazard- Children should be supervised while playing with this activity.

*These are hand assembled products. Some imperfections may be present post shipping.

Country of Origin - India 

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