Celebrate this Diwali with Ramayana

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Ramayana is the most important epic of ancient India. The bold, bright colors of this Indian Classical epic can depicts the freshness of each tale in the book has been written in a very lucid language accompanied by with eye-catching coloured illustration that adds to its beauty manifold.
With all its exceptional features, with vibrant and expressive characters, this is a wonderfully inventive wrench on a classic tale. The book Ramayana is very motivating and knowledgeable for all. Young and old alike are sure to get lost in the world of these tales which hold the reader spellbound.
Wakeup Books have made a great effort to translate the ethical values of day to day life through interesting story-telling of this Ramayana book.

Publisher : WakeUP publication, India
Author : Mahi Jay
Illustrator : Ram Bhangad
Edition : 2020
Language : English
Product Dimension : 28 * 22 cm
Book Length : 40 pages
Paper/Cover : Paper back


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