Coco Bear Coco and the Naughty Monsters Board book - Positive Behaviour for toddlers - English

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Brand - Coco Bear
Type - Board Book
Age - 2 to 4 Years
No.of Pages - 16 pages
Language - English
Binding - Hardbound
Size: 6 x 6 in (15.24 x 15.24 cm)   

Fun and interactive way to teach toddlers about expected behavior   
- Perfect for parents and caregivers who want to take a positive parenting approach
- Helps establish positive ground rules for children    
- No upfront use of the word 'no'     
- Encourages self-awareness and language development    
- Relatable situations for young children    
- Teaches children to correct their own behavior through play    
- Sturdy board book format suitable for young children and compact size is perfect for little hands to hold and turn the pages    
- Beautifully illustrated with engaging and colorful images    
- Written in simple and easy-to-understand language, few words that are suitable for young children.   

Coco and the Naughty Monsters is an interactive board book that helps toddlers learn about expected behavior in a fun and engaging way. On each page, the naughty monsters try to convince Coco to misbehave, but children are encouraged to find the hidden monster and shoo it away, helping Coco to learn to behave like a good child.   

With relatable situations and no upfront use of the word 'no', Coco and the Naughty Monsters is perfect for children who are just starting to learn about self-awareness, language skills, and early childhood development. The book aims to improve visual stimulation and language skills while establishing ground rules for positive behavior. Parents and caregivers will appreciate the positive parenting approach and the emphasis on learning through play, making it an ideal tool for teaching toddlers about correct behavior.    

Items Included in the package: 1 Book

1 Years+, L 15 x B 15 x H 1.27 cm
Book for toddlers to deal with Terrible twos  and Establish Ground Rules. Help Your Child Learn to Behave with this Positive Parenting Tool. It is for Early Childhood Development. Written and Illustrated by Rashi Gandhi

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