CocoMoco Kids Dinosaur Puzzle With Maze 30 Pieces

Rs. 299


Medium sized jigsaw puzzle with 30 chunky pieces that are easy to grab for tiny hands. Brightly coloured dinosaurs unleash creativity and imagination in children's minds! A great gift for any kid who loves dinosaurs, animals and is learning how to solve puzzles.
A perfect present for any toddler, and an ideal return gift for birthday party of kids.

Throw a Dinosaur theme birthday party and these puzzles packed in tin boxes would be the perfect party favors or return gifts for all kids!

This educational game is suitable for AGE: 2 to 7 years olds;

Full Size: 14 x 12 inches;

Number of Players: 1-2.

SKILLS: - Boosts Knowledge and Memory - Enhances cognitive skills - Rewarding and motivating - Builds self-esteem - Develops fine and gross motor skills - Teaches Patience

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