5 Pieces of Play Passport Activity Kit With Flags, Monuments, Capitals, Languages - Return Gift Combo

Rs. 995


Set of 5 Play Passport Kits with Stickers of Flags, Monuments, Capitals, Languages & Visas.

Great RETURN GIFT for any birthday party. Throw a travel theme birthday party with this return favor!

Learn about different countries through this PRETEND PLAY ACTIVITY KIT. Republic of COCOMOCO passport, a country where only fun lives, will help you virtually travel to 12 countries around the world. Learn about their flags, capitals, languages, visas and monuments by pasting stickers on your passport! Show it to your friends and tell them about your adventures and give them a travel tip, that only a COCOMOCO K.I.D can take such an amazing world trip!

INCLUDES 5 SETS OF PLAY PASSPORT KITS Each set includes - a passport booklet, a world map and 60 stickers of visas, flags, monuments, languages, and capitals of 12 different countries.

AGES: 4-11 years boys and girls

Improves general knowledge, makes learning geography fun, helps develop fine and gross motor skills, rewarding and motivating.


Country of Origin: India

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