Set of 5 Pieces of Travel Scrapbook with Stickers - Return Gift Combo

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This is a pack of 5 sets of Travel Scrapbooks - perfect return gift for birthday party. Each Travel Scrapbook can record 24 trips. A habit builder, this is one great scrapbook to promote writing and organisational skills! Record all memories of travels in this scrapbook. Thematically based on our K.I.D ideology, this book uses experiential learning to habituate writing and has over 100 interactive stickers based on emotions like- smileys, thumbs up for a descriptive freedom. The checklist in the beginning helps build organisational skills while the 4 pages dedicated to each trip have well-spaced lines and are designed especially for small hands keeping in mind the gross-motor skills children have at a tender age. Suitable for 6-13 year olds.

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