Colors In My World - Mini Quiet Book/ Cloth Book/Soft Book

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This handmade book toy is a Color Themed Mini Quiet Book {15*15 Cms} /Soft Cloth book for children age 6 months and above. This is made of 100% cotton fabric, Felt , laces and Buttons. All the pieces of Book are Completely Machine stitched. As the Book name says - Colors In My world- is a Color Themed quiet Book to learn about Colors and also works on fine Motor skills, Cognitive Skills, Hand Eye Coordination etc.

Cover Page- Red Color - Red ladybug with 7 different Color Dots. Match the Dots with the respective Color Pages.

1st Page- orange Color- Put orange Pumpkin in A cart. learn and Practice Button/Unbutton the cart Wheels. This helps in hand eye Coordination.

2nd Page- Yellow Color- Cut the Pineapple In Half. Pineapple half part is on Magnetic Snap Button. learn to snap the Button and Rotate from up/ Down.

3rd Page- Green Color- This Page has 2 Parts Cactus Puzzle - Solve it. Early Puzzle solving skills helps in Improving Cognitive Skills.

4th Page- Blue Color- A blue Cloud to learn Zip/Unzip Skill. open the Cloud and See Its Raining.

5th Page- Indigo- Feed the Shark with a Fish or Tortoise Button. Name the each button or Count Buttons and Feed You Shark. Moving Buttons helps in Hand Eye Coordination.

6th Page- Violet- open the car Door and learn Button/Unbutton. Pretend Filling up the Car with Fuel. Pretend play Helps in Building Imagination.

Match the ladybug dots with respective color pages or Just Make your own Rainbow using Dots.


Country of Origin: India

Ships from Gurgaon, HR

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