Conversation Starter Flashcards

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Conversation skills are important for children's development and wellbeing. That's because being able to have conversations helps children make friends, be listened to, ask for what they need and develop strong relationships with others. These cards will help kids/adults to have meaningful and fun conversations at any gettogether or party. The same can be played by parents with their child also which will enhence communications with the child. Most cards are about your interests, aims and experiences.

How to play : Each player has to pick up a card from the stack and try to answer the quation written on the card.

Contains : 48 laminated cards

Material used : 300 gsm laminated paper

Age Guidance : 4 to any age

Product Dimension : 3.2 inch by 4.5 inch

Package Dimension : 6 inch by 8 inch by 2 inch

Care Instructions : Keep in dry place.Keep Away from water.

Ships from Varanasi

Country of origin India

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