CocoMoco Kids Country Trump Card Game for Kids - Indoor Games for 6, 8+, 10 to 12 Years Boys Girls, Card Game for Kids 7 to 10 Years

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Educational Card Game for Kids in an easy to carry tin box. The classic trump card game has been adapted to different countries of the world using a set of brightly-coloured and neatly designed 50 cards. An all time favourite among customers, the cards double up as collectables with information about the flags, monuments and fun facts of different countries. A popular educational game to teach geography for kids instead of using country flag flash cards. The trump card game uses rankings of happiness, area and population and the player with the lowest rank of declared quantity wins the round. Ideal for playing with friends, at home or for educational activities at school.

CARD GAMES FOR KIDS: Set of 50 Country Trump Cards packed in an easy to carry reusable tin box. A fun Travel Game and a great game to play with friends and family. Classic Trump Card Game is adapted into a geography game to teach kids about 50 different countries

CONTENTS: Each card includes flag, capital, monument, fun fact and rankings of Happiness, Population and Area of countries.

HOW TO USE / PLAY: Can be used as FACT CARDS to learn about different countries, flags, capitals OR be played as a game of Trump Cards by comparing either of the three rankings of Happiness, Population and Area for every country card. Can also be used as Trading Cards among kids

SKILLS - Improves general knowledge - Improves interpersonal skills through social play - Enhances cognitive skills - Rewarding and motivating - Builds self-esteem - Teaches Geography for Kids

SKILLS : Boosts knowledge ,Improves interpersonal skills through social play,Enhances cognitive skills ,Rewarding and motivating ,Builds self-esteem

AGE: 5-12 years

Country of Origin : India

Ships from New Delhi

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