Country Trump Cards Geography Educational Game

Rs. 349



The classic trump card game adapted to different countries using a set of 50 cards on different countries. Ideal Travel Game. One of our bestsellers the cards double up as collectibles with information about the flags, monuments and fun facts of different countries.

The trump card game uses rankings of happiness, area and population and the player with the lowest number (or the highest rank) of declared quantity wins the round. Ideal for playing with friends, at home or for educational activities at school. This one is a must-have to boost the knowledge of your kid through the joy of a toy!

SKILLS : Boosts knowledge ,Improves interpersonal skills through social play,Enhances cognitive skills ,Rewarding and motivating ,Builds self-esteem

AGE: 5-12 years

Contents: 50 country trump cards with Colourful photographs of countries, their flags and monuments ,Fun facts about them and Happiness, population and Area ranking

Country of Origin : India

Ships from New Delhi

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