Countryside Homes

Rs. 1,999


Your children will love creating their own world with this gorgeous, pop color set of 5 hand painted Countryside homes.
Design busy cities with modern architecture or villages using these countryside homes
The houses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

This set will make a fabulous addition to any wooden toy sets like our Blocks, Candy Dwarfs, Trees or even our Rainbow Soldiers.

The simple shape of our Countryside homes gives children the liberty to be imaginative and creatively use toys across their collection.

They come in Burst Orange, River Blue, Serene White, Sunshine Yellow and Candy Pink.

Made from Rubber wood

Sizes Candy Pink- H: 7 inches | W: 6 inches
Sunshine Yellow- H: 6 inches | W: 5 inches
Serene White- H: 7 inches | W: 5 inches
Burst Orange- H: 7 inches | W: 3.5 inches
River Blue- H: 6 inches | W: 4 inches

Ships from Mumbai, MH

Country of Origin: India

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