Daily Fun Learning Board

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~ Daily fun learning board ~

Content on board :

News Headline - To keep the kids updated with the events going on around the globe.
Positive affirmation - For kids to help your child's all-round development and shape them to be happy, confident individuals.
Will send positive affirmation one liners for kiss to help them to write ?

Mantras have a naturally soothing effect on their minds and help kids develop concentration.

-Hanuman mantra
- durga mantra
-guru mantra
-shiva mahamrityunjaya mantra
- Saraswati Vidya mantra
- Krishna stuti
- Gayatri mantra
- vakratunda sloka
- Shanti Mantra
- Lakshmi sloka
- Shiva dhyan mantra

Vocabulary and synonyms
Short of magicking a dictionary into a wonderland of wordplay that your children can literally walk through and marvel at, here at we've done our best to come up with anything and everything to help your kids build a vocabulary that's larger than life.
 Country and capital
For kids to memorize countries and their capitals

Memorize mobile no. - Nowadays it's necessary to memorize phone numbers of your close ones for emergencies ... So here, we made it easier

"What did I learn Today?"
For kids to summarize the things they learn each day. For example - table manners, fold clothes , help with mom chores etc
Learn time tables

Kids can daily memorize times tables makes it far quicker and easier for children to work out maths problems in their heads. Moving beyond using their fingers to work out answers, they'll be able to use their knowledge to quickly solve any multiplication questions.

Content : A3 size sunboard and duster pen
Age Guidance : 4+ years
Product Dimension : 42 x 29 cm
Ships from Mumbai
Country Of Origin India

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