Role Play Deluxe Lighthouse Hanging Playhouse Tent

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A perfect accent for a nautical themed room or beach house, this towering Lighthouse play tent is brought to you by Role Play™, manufacturer of premium handmade pure cotton tents. Lighthouses have served as a navigational aid for seamen for hundreds of years. They can be found across the country from California to Minnesota to Michigan to New Jersey.

Your Lighthouse Keeper has a great responsibility, safely navigating little mariners at sea. Watch out for the dangerous coastlines & hazardous rocks! Whether they are captain of a ship or at the top of the lighthouse warning of the impending danger, your budding sailors will enjoy role playing in the vast oceans of their imagination.

The Lighthouse is beautifully painted with the classic red and white spiral exterior & grey color windows and a door. There’s a mesh window at the top of the tower to replicate where the beacon light is. Kids can use their own flashlights to replicate a real lighthouse. A classic icon of maritime history, the lighthouse played an indispensable role in building the nation and contributing to its economic success.

Now this iconic structure can be a valuable learning & imaginative play center for little ones.

Role Play™ brings 25 years of expertise in textiles to our boutique collection of inspired designs for children. Our avant-garde studio is brimming with a team of talented designers & tailoring specialists to create toys that spark the imagination of children of all ages. Enjoy your very own Role Play tent today.

Set includes hanging fabric lighthouse and instructions

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