Desi Toys Wooden Mancala Board Game / Pallanguzhi / Ali Guli Mane

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Rs. 1,999


Mancala qualifies as a weekend favorite! Believed to be one of the oldest known two-player board games in the world, this  turn-based strategy board game perfects mathematical, logical, social and strategy skills amongst players. So just grab your board today! 

HOW TO PLAY: Mancala is a 2 player strategy board game  where one aims at moving the game seeds around the game board of 14 holes/pits in a particular way as mentioned in the game manual and capturing more seeds than the opponent. The moves have to be strategic. One seeks to leave the opponent with no move in order to win. 

Dimension & Content - 1 Wooden Mancala Board measuring 46cms x7cms with 70 game seeds in 1 pouch and Game rules pamphlet

Age & Gender - 6 Years to 99 Years; Gender Neutral

Benefits - SKILLS DEVELOPED: Strategy Building, Concentration, Social skills and  Problem solving.  SUPERIOR QUALITY & SAFETY: BIS Lab tested with ISI marking.

Social Impacts -Handcrafted by Indian Artisans, Sustainable materials used, Revival of Classic Indian toys/games, Backing an Indigenous Toy brand with Indian cultural roots, 100% Made in India contributing to 'Atmanirbhar Bharat'

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