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Millions of years back

A meteor hit the Earth

It took Dinos away

But you’ve brought them to birth!

Dinosaur figurines are an essential component of free play and are found in many schools and homes around the world. Research shows that children as young as 2 years develop ‘intense interest’ in certain subjects. After vehicles such as planes and cars, it is dinosaurs that young children are obsessed about. ‘Intense interest’ is linked with being better learners at a later stage.

These animals are simple, beautiful and in original wood colour to ensure that it is the child's imagination that lends them life. A simple black dot as an eye is open to a child imagining what the animal feels. It is the child's internal interpretation of understanding the world around them.

A set of 7 dinosaurs allows a very young child to free play- where she senses the texture, observed different shapes, listens to names of the creatures from her primary caregiver and growing to create her own narratives (speech and language development) as she plays.

Each dinosaur has been hand-crafted and hand-sanded by a local artisan, and finished with food-grade wood finish linseed oil, making it hands-safe and mouth-safe.

Package Dimensions(cm) : 35*25*7

Skills : Social and Emotional development
Speech and Language skills Imaginative play
Free Play
Open Ended Play

Material : Birch wood

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