Disney Fish Frenzy-Finding Dory Card Game for 3+ Year Olds

Rs. 199


We love Disney as much as your kid, especially the adorable Disney movie characters. So, we decided to partner with them to bring that magic to your homes!

About the game: Fish Frenzy is inspired by Dory and her friends, from the very memorable movies Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

This fun and the easy game have Dory’s friends hiding inside cute cards. There’s Nemo, Becky, Crush, Otter, Charlie, Destiny and all hanging around. All the kids have to do is spread the cards on a flat surface, make pairs, and collect them. The first one to collect most pairs of the same images will win!

Skills enhanced - Pattern Recogntion, Mental Agility, Memory

Age guidance - 3+ years 

Box contents 34 eye-catching, metallic finish game cards, Illustrated play guide

Product Dimensions 13*10*5 CM

Ships from - Bangalore, KA

Country of Origin - India 

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