Disney Jodi Joy-Zootopia Card Game for 3+ Year olds

Size: Single
Rs. 299


We at Kaadoo, truly enjoy mysteries just like Judy and Nick of Zootopia. These two super-smart detectives are absolute favourites of kids who love Disney. Our Jodi Joy card game brings the intrigue of mystery to your kids!

About the game: Judy, Nick, Higgins, Flash, Mayor and Chief Bogo are ready to inspire the imagination of your little ones through this simple but gripping game.

How to play: This game comes with picture cards and dice that can be played in two different ways.

Sequence: Make a sequence with your favourite characters and challenge the other player to do it after you. In a simple way, it tricks the brain to work harder to remember the sequences. Great for your tiny ones!

Pairing: Roll the dice, pick cards that the dice shows and make pairs quickly. Whoever makes most pairs would win.

Skills enhanced - Pattern Recogntion, Mental Agility, Memory

Age guidance - 3+ years 

Box contents -16 high-quality metallic-finish game cards, 6-sided dice with Zootopia characters on every side, Illustrated play guide

Product Dimensions 12*10*5 CM

Ships from - Bangalore, KA

Country of Origin - India 

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