Educational Calendar

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Style: Red
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Did your child ever ask you the following questions...

  • Why are there 30 days in June?
  • Why are there 28 days in February?
  • Why do days repeat every 7 days?
  • Why does the date 1 come after 30th or 31st?
  • Why is weather humid during rainy season?

Children know the names of days, months, year, seasons and weather, but do they actually understand the above concepts?

Don’t worry! Little Aana has introduced “Educational Calendar” that is ideal for young children to learn and interact with, making learning about these concepts so much fun!

It is a perfect educational tool that is long lasting, durable and handy!

Dimensions: 38X61 cm

Material: Premium quality fabric

Country of Origin: India

Ships from Surat, GJ

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