Educational Clock

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"Isn’t telling time tricky for kids? And teaching time to kids even trickier!

Does your child understand the concepts of Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night? And how are they interlinked with the clock?

Does your child know that there are 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour? More importantly, is he able to correlate it with the clock?

There are many such questions that a child can ask when learning about clocks, and answering them can be daunting for any parent.

Little Aana introduces Educational Clock that can make learning time fun and easy for children! And make your life easier!

It features a fully functional clock designed in such a way that you can manually move the needles to teach time, while your child can fill up the hours, minutes and AM/PM in the area below the clock.

With removable numbers as well as colourful shapes on the clock, your little one will easily understand how to read time from the positioning of the hands of the clock!"

Material: Wood

Dimensions: 44 × 30 × 0.5 cm

Country of Origin: India

Ships from: Surat, GJ


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