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This combo consists of three concept card games from Elemeno - Shout It, Scribble It and Write It.

Shout It

A quickfire, family-friendly card game which is a test of speed, memory, and basic knowledge. There's a simple 3 step process to Shout it! Match the symbols on the cards (so match the lion symbol on your card with another lion symbol on someone else's card)  Shout an answer to the heading/category on the opponent's card before he/she shouts out the answer to the heading on your card The one who shouts the answer first wins the card. Win the card. And then try to win as many cards as possible! So train your eyes, your brain, and your throat before you pick this awesome game out!

Scribble It

The most hilarious, frantic, fast-paced, family-friendly drawing game! This game is incredibly easy, with hilarious results! Pick a card from the deck Sketch out the scene written on the card Get the team to guess the scene you’ve scribbled. Yes, scene! You aren’t simply drawing words, you are drawing scenes. And these are some never-seen-before, probably never-seen-again kind of scenes!

Write It

A quick-thinking, quicker writing, family-friendly vocabulary-based card game. Write it! It is incredibly simple. Each card has a combination of alphabets on it. List down as many words as possible which contain the alphabets in the same order. Any word is allowed.

Compare your word list with that of the other players. Strikeout common words and gain points for those words which no other player has written on their sheet!

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