Etiquette for Children Books - (4 Titles)

Rs. 640


Good manners and etiquette are important for children of every age. ‘Etiquette for Children Books’ is a set of four books focused to teach good behaviour to children. Each topic is defined through charming illustrations supported by the easy-to-understand text.

• Ideal for age-group 5-12 years
• Four books of 48 pages each
• Simple language
• Amazing illustrations
• Colourful presentation

From the magic words to compliments, environmental manners to food shopping, telephone etiquette to social media etiquette, and Sportsmanship to Green Living, these books will teach kids how to use manners as they relate to everyday life. Kids will have fun as they learn to use manners in a way that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

Age Guidance: 5-12 yrs

Material: Paperback

Product Dimension: 28x22x1.5cm

Shipping Timeline: 2-3 Days

Ships From Delhi

Country of Origin India


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