Explorer - 100 Wooden Building Blocks

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Explorer | Stage Two

Building Begins

At this stage, a child will pile the blocks to make a tower or lay the blocks on the floor in rows, horizontally or vertically. There is much repetition in their building. It is at this stage that the first application of imagination occurs as props such as peg dolls, animal figurines, human figures, or cars are used.

Your child may start practicing alignment by imitating you if you line up a few blocks end-to-end, in a row. This is an exercise in precision, a brand new skill for your toddler. Imitating your row of blocks (keep it in their view) with her own will. It takes practice and patience.

These blocks are thoughtfully designed and crafted in European Beech and Birchwood and finished with food-grade linseed oil making them completely soft and smooth for little hands, as well as totally mouth safe. Beech and Birchwood ensures that the blocks are stable, smooth and strong.

Explorer set contains a total of 100 elements - 45 solid blocks, 17 large flat blocks, 8 small flat blocks and 30 stick blocks.

Every three months we will be adding one new block to our STEAM Play Blocks Pack. Which means that the pack you buy will continue to become interesting, challenging and relevant for your growing child. Your child will be able to create larger and more complex structures paving a path for higher cognitive abilities.

Package Dimensions(cms) : 40*30*12

Material :Beechwood and Birchwood

Skills : STEAM(science,technology,the art,mathematics)
Problem solving abilities
Mathematical skills
Visual Spatial skills

Country of Origin: India


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