Exploring Storyville Story Box

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The kids are all set to explore this exciting and vibrant city, with our Exploring Storyville Story Box. It provides the child with a visual storytelling experience with the help of our Story Board, Wooden Characters and a set of 6 stories, which are written by us. The storyboard shows the different places in our city that the kids see around themselves. The Park, School, Zoo, Theater, Airport, Bank and many more places, which are on the storyboard with a pathway around for the characters to move. Soon, your child will be engrossed in the storyboard and will relate the stories back to you, and make up new ones along the way. The most exciting thing is that the product grows with your child and the storyboard also functions as a board game that can be played by 5 players.


Contains a book with 6 original stories authored by our team,
5 wooden characters,
a storyboard/board game and
a dice.
Age Group for 18 months- 8 years.


Key Skills: Language Development, Vocabulary enhancement, Pretend Play, Creative Thinking & Imagination.

Product Dimensions : 10 * 14*1.5  inches

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