Festival- Diwali Sudoku - 3+ Years

Rs. 550



Difficulty Level: Easy.

Age: 4-9 years of children.

Product Specifications:
This game has a 10 to 10 inches wooden board and cut-outs to solve the puzzle and learn about Diwali.

1. This puzzle game is a great way to improve the knowledge and learning of children.
2. It makes children understanding the value of festivals and how is it celebrated.
3. It is a great indoor game that keeps your child busy in something and is also beneficial for them.
4. This game improves their memory power and also inculcates problem-solving skills.

How To Play:
1. This is a partially filled wooden board with around eleven cut-outs to fill and solve the puzzle.
2. Kids have to fill the puzzle in a way that each row, column, and each block are pairwise different and all the objects are placed at least once in the puzzle.

Packing And Items Included:

It has a cute packing in an Eco-friendly jute bag.
It has a wooden board to play the game.
It has eleven cut-outs to solve the puzzle.

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