Festival Sudoku Combo

Rs. 999



Difficulty Level: Easy to medium.

Age: 4-9 years.

Product Material:

Sudoku comes in 8 by 8 inch wooden board with different cut outs to solve the puzzle.

Benefits: It is designed to increase children’s memory power and inculcate within them problem solving skills. It also is a great way to keep your child busy in some activities and let them learn something through games and understand the importance of Diwali ,Christmas, New Year and how it is celebrated.

How To Play: Sudoku is a puzzle game that is partially filled and children’s have to use the cut outs to fill the rest of the puzzle by making sure that each of the five blocks has all the objects within its square only once.

Packing And Items Included: This game comes in an eco friendly jute bag that has one wooden Sudoku board and ten cut outs for Sudoku.

Dimensions: 8X8 Inches

Country of Origin: India

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