Finderfox Game

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Felix Finderfox and his friends are playing hide and seek! But who is hiding behind which bush? The friends can be found by using strong memory skills and by having a little good luck. Players earn valuable shamrocks along the way; the goal is to be the first to win three shamrocks!

 1 Felix Finderfox, 2 large bushes, 8 small bushes, 1 die, 10 shamrocks, 1 set of instructions.

• Shuffle the little bushes and place them next to each other in a row (the two large bushes at both ends). Place Felix Findefuchs next to one of the two large bushes (starting bush). Have cloverleafs and the die ready.
• Play in a clockwise direction. Roll the die and move Felix Findefuchs the number rolled on the die in the
direction of the destination bush.
• Guess who is hiding behind the bush next to Felix Findefuchs (Kalle Tomcat, Hanni Hare, Bobby Bear
or Hugo Hound). Turn over bush and check.
Guess incorrectly? Turn the bush face-down again and place Felix Findefuchs back at the starting bush.
Guess correctly? Continue to roll the die and guess until the destination bush is reached or you guess incorrectly.
• When the destination bush is reached, take a cloverleaf and place Felix back at the starting bush.
• The first player who collects three cloverleafs wins the game.


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