Fraction Puzzle - Montessori Puzzle (57 Pcs)

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Material: Premium Birch Ply
Title: Fraction Puzzle
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Make math fun! Our wooden fraction circles/ angles Montessori Puzzle is the perfect blend of education and fun. Visual math is manipulative. It makes learning fractions easy and makes the connections from fractions to angles.   

  • Math is Fun - With this fraction puzzle, you will be able to visually demonstrate fractions to the child while they complete the circle. They will immediately be able to see that two 1/4s equal 1/2, four 1/8s equal 1/2, and so on.
  • Learn Through Play - The concept of fractions can be difficult for children to grasp in the abstract. Instead of just using pen and paper to teach fractions, which can be a complicated subject, turn it into a tangible experience. The wooden fraction puzzle gives a concrete two-dimensional experience of how one whole circle can be divided into halves, thirds, quarters, and so on. 
  • Pretend Play Pizza Toy - Kids will love to make a pizza of these colorful fraction pieces. Mix and match the fraction 'slices' to create a 'whole pizza' in the handy frame.
  • 57 Piece Fraction Puzzle - The Montessori puzzle is made of 55 fraction pieces— 1, 2[1/2], 3[1/3], 4[1/4]... 10[1/10], and 2 base plates. The toy is made of high-quality Birch Ply and painted with non-toxic paints.

Please note that the smaller the fraction, the smaller the pieces get and become a choking hazard and sharp.

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