From Books to Boards: An Interactive Early-Age Combo

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Look What My Finger Can Do

A set of Interactive Adventure Boards that you bring to life using your Fingers!

Be the horn of a unicorn, a witch's broom, an elephant's trunk and a whole lot more with these delightfully illustrated boards. The boards encourage kids to engage with the bright, bold visuals and make interactive stories with a host of different characters!


Ages: 6 months - 3 years


How to use/play:

- Pick any board and encourage your child to complete it using their fingers.

- Each board lays out instructions which you must do with your fingers.

- Complete each scene with an interactive fun story that you / your child must say using the different characters on each board.


So, why you should buy this?

- Enhances the motor skills of the child as they follow specific instructions/directions as given on each board

- Acts as a visual stimulant by attracting children to the bright, bold colours & by getting them to follow your hand as it moves through the Boards.

- Grows your child’s imagination by becoming a series of stories which he/she completes using their fingers!

- A wide-ranging variety of themes in each set- Animals, fictional characters, sports, artists etc.


Material: Hardboard

Content: 26 Boards


The Personalized Activity Book

Travel friendly, personalised and interactive activity books to keep all sorts of tantrums at bay! The activity book is personalised with the child's name, family members and relations through some activities.

Our books have a broad range of activities spread across six different themes. One of these themes involves the family members and is your child's very own mini-adventure!

Age: 2 - 4years / 5 - 7years


How to use:

- Travel-friendly: Can be carried around in your bag and opened up anywhere where the need arises.

- Guide the child through the various activities or leave them to it!

 Share personalization details in comments field or mail to

So, why should you buy this?

- Fully loaded with unique, interactive activities which are designed to hold & engage the child’s attention.

- Conveniently-sized to be travel friendly.

- Personalised using the child as well as his/her family members to become even more memorable & engaging.

- Designed using a mix of age-relevant activities which delight first & teach later.

- Types of Activities for 2-4 years: Object Spotting, Colouring, Join the Dots, Finger Painting etc spread over 90 pages.

- Types of Activities for 5-7 years: Drawing through Alphabets, Crosswords, Transport etc spread over 110 pages.


Size: 8.5*5.5 inches

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