Fun Learn Explore | Mini Quiet Book

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This is a Mini Quiet Book. This is 15*15 cms in Size and 6 pages with different activities that helps kids to develop fine Motor skills.

Pages :

Cover Page : A Sign Board and can tell Kids about direction (Left or Right)

1st Page- A Crab with a maze activity and Moving Hands. so Kids can learn about Crab like How Many Hands a crab has? or Where does it live? 

2nd Page- This page is about Stacking and making a Triangle. Also, they can learn Small/Big concept.

3rd Page- Washing Machine on The page for pretend play washing Clothes.

4th Page- Matching T-Shirt and Ironing Board.

5th Page- Shape Matching Activity page helps kids to learn about basic Shapes and also they can learn colors.

6th Page- Fishing Activity is Kid's favorite Activity. It also has One fish attached to the page so they can learn Up or Down Concept.

Back Page While Playing with the book, kids will learn How to use different kind of fastners/ Buttons.

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