Fun to Fifty - 1-50 Number Flashcards!

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We dove headlong into the fascinating world of numbers and surfaced with ‘Fun to Fifty!’ It’s our set of 1-50 themed, interactive flashcards.

These cards go a little beyond simply displaying the form and spelling of each number though. You see, we’ve managed to dig up 50 stories & snippets which are associated with each number! That means 50 unique stories, one for each number!

Amaze your lil’ ones (and yourselves too) with these unbelievable, never-read-before sort of number association flashcards!

Ages: 3-6 years.  

What all can you use these flashcards for?
- Number Recognition: By pointing out / writing the numbers on each card, number recognition becomes easier.
- Number Association: Attaching stories to each number makes association easier, repeatable & ultimately, memorable.
- Number Formation: Point out the number, read out the number, write down the number & repeat!
- Counting Adventures: Use the fact for the number as a starting point, add your own details to it & go on a magical, numerical adventure! So, why you should buy this?
- Acts as a visual stimulant by attracting children to the bright, bold colours. - Grows your child’s imagination by becoming a series of stories which he/she can understand and learn from the parents.
- A wide-ranging variety of themes – India, Monuments, Human Body, Animals, Mythology, World trivia, Daily lifestyle etc.  

Material: Card Paper Content: 50 Cards 

Ships from Mumbai, MH
Country of Origin: India

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