Fun Trunk Toy Box Level 1 for 6-12 months babies

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Level 1
“Whatever you create today will become a seed for your future and it could be the harvest of the years to come. You reap what you sow”
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1. Rainbow Spinner

Rainbow spinner is the perfect Montessori toy for a baby learning to move their hands and see in colors.

Care Instructions Simple wipe it using Dry clean cloth before giving the baby and keep it safely in a clean area.

How to Play - Place the spinner before your baby and show them how to spin it.
- The rotating wheel of colors will captivate their attention and encourage them to try giving it a whirl.
- You can use the toy during tummy time or place it a little away from your baby, encouraging them to crawl and reach for it.
- As your child grows, you can tell them the names of the colors, slowly helping them identify each color.

2. Beading Maze and Stacker

Young children love beads and bead mazes. They watch the beads move from one side to another by their finger actions .

Care instructions Safe material: made of quality wood and metal also is non-toxic, finished with brightly colored, smooth-sanded pieces. Wipe it with dry cloth before kids use it.

How to play Just let the kids explore the maze and also stacker rings. Initial years, they will remove the stacker rings from the stick, then slowly and gradually will try to place them in it.

Skills 1. Enhances Eye- Hand Coordination
2. Helps in Visual Tracking like fast, slow, up, down and around.
3. Imaginative play is developed.
4. Initial basic color names as you say when they touch the beads. It stores in their memory.

3. Xylophone

Xylophone is a classical musical instrument that is ideal for babies to develop auditory ability.

Care Intructions Made of High Quality Wood and Metal. Simply wipe with dry clean cloth, before giving to the baby.

How to Play Let the baby grip on the stick. Let him hit any one metal plate and hear the sound it makes. It will automatically interest him/her to freely play with it

Skills Each key has its own assigned note which gives an excellent learning as well as musical experience.

4. My First Words Soft Book

This soft fabric soft book is perfect for introducing the concept of books to kids and show simple yet appropriate illustrations which they will relate very easily to things around and what members around speaks.

Care instructions You can keep it in a nice dry place. Also after multiple use, it can be washed and given again to the baby.

How to Play It can be used in multiple ways: Showing to kids at lap time, allowing the baby to see it on their tummy time or while feeding. Its light in weight so u can take it along in travel also.

5. Wooden Pull Along Animal Toy Car with Attached String

This cute and happy animal pull-along toy encourages children to crawl and walk by pulling the string attached to the crocodile.

Care Instructions Made of High Quality Wood. Simply wipe with dry clean cloth, before giving to the baby.

How to Play and skills Its colorful and bright design is appealing and is sure to catch the attention of kids. This is just perfect for beginners as it promotes their mental as well as physical development.

6. Crochet Ball

It’s a Montessori sensory ball which is great for baby early years.

Care Instructions The toy is made of organic cotton and is absolutely safe for children. You can wash as needed.

Skills • Kids love to play with these balls throw them in the basket or roll on the floor. This is a very comfortable size for small children’s hands.

7. Matching activity

Matching is a precursor to learning how to classify items and identify relationships between them.

Care Instructions : Made of High Quality Wood. Simply wipe with dry clean cloth, before giving to the baby.

Skills and How to play : Its an early math skill. Show one picture to child and ask him/her to lift same picture and give you.

Age Group : 6 months- 12 months

Content : 7 different toys and a storage box

Material : High Quality Material, Safe for babies

Package Dimension : 18 BY 12 BY 5 INCH

Ships from - Surat , Gujarat

Country of Origin : India

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