Fun Trunk Toy Box Level 3 for 18-24 months babies

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Level 3
“Whatever you create today will become a seed for your future and it could be the harvest of the years to come. You reap what you sow”
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1. Wooden Stacker and shape sorting jumbo toy Colors and shapes are new concepts to your child and this stacker toy is a fun way for them to learn and grow! They'll develop logic and problem solving skills by playing and discovering the best ways to stack the wooden boxes.

Care Instructions Simply, wipe it using dry clean cloth before giving the baby and keep it safely in a clean area.

How to Play Our beautiful wooden stacker toy's bright, classic design engages your child's imagination and stimulates cognitive thinking and dexterity. Let them experiment on their own, or stay with them to watch your child learn and grow!
Stacking toys can be used to help your child develop that sense of accomplishment.
1. Hand-eye coordination – by stacking the pieces on top of each other
2. Problem solving skills - this one is multifaceted in that your child will learn the size of pieces that can go on top of each other, how smaller pieces are more stable when placed on larger pieces and also how to ensure their creation can get bigger.
3. Cause and effect understanding – the ‘what happens if I do this’ question is so important for children to develop a sense of curiosity and experimentation. This question is one we should all be asking, no matter what our age.
4. Gross motor skill development – if you're building and the pieces are scattered around, you can assist with gross motor development by getting your child to reach, walk or crawl to the piece they need next.

2. Magnetic Fishing and shape sorter set Classic shape sorter toy, 20 different blocks with fitting hole for post, different shapes, and it is perfectly sized for toddlers' hands, also great choice as travel toy, build early shape, color, and size differentiation skills.

Material and care It is made of high-quality solid wood, BPA Free and using bright non-toxic water-based paint, sanded smooth, and finished with safe, manufactured to the highest grade. Simply wipe it with dry cloth before giving the baby.

How to Play • HELPS IN SKILL DEVEOPMENT: Great brain stimulating toy, teaches about colors, shapes, matching, logic, fine motor skills, inspire toddler's imagination, hand-eye coordination and promote their physical and intellectual development.
• CATCH FISH WITH MAGNETS: This toy also has simple and adorable fishing game that offers hours of fun for kids to collect fish that have magnet in the fish's mouth or use clamp to catch fish. Great educational toy to develop your child's visual, perception and motor coordination in a fun and enjoyable way.

3. Color Ball Pick and Sort Activity This wonderful Waldorf Inspired Educational toy to sort colors are amazing for toddlers and preschoolers.

Care Simply, wipe it using dry clean cloth before giving the baby and keep it safely in a clean area.

Skills - Best Early Development Toy
- Learn Colors, Sorting, Hand-Eye coordination, Creative Thinking, Parent Child Coordination
- Handmade and Vegetable Colored
- Very Safe & Premium Finishing

4. Lock Busy Board A sensory board or busy board is a fun, hands-on activity for babies and toddlers to help them touch, explore and learn about different objects all in one place. ..

Care Clean it with dry cloth properly whenever needed.

Skills and how to play 1. Develop children's logical thinking ability.
* 2. Exercise cooperative skills and improve hands-on skills.
* 3. Enhance the ability to distinguish shapes and things.
* 4. Promote hand-eye coordination and stimulate sensory play
Let the child use it for free play! Try their fingers to open different locks in their own way.

5. Body Parts Flash Cards 19 Flash Cards that teach about basic external body parts..
It is developed in consultation with educationists; it introduces children to the basic concept of body parts by relating them to their own body.

Material Laminated thick flashcards which won’t tear if child bites. Easy to carry along in diaper bag.

How To play - You can just spread around cards and ask baby to get a particular name body part.
- Show him or her 1-2 flashcards at a time while in the lap.

6 Animal and Baby Match Me Activity Children love animals in initial ages and hence when learning about animals, children show curiosity and love to engage when they see animals around. Matching games improve language, concentration and memory.

Material and Care Instructions Laminated thick flashcards which won’t tear if child bites. Easy to carry along in diaper bag.

How to Play Take few cards at a time and let child match baby calf with cow and so on. Don’t give all at once.

Age Group : 18 months- 24 months

Content : 7 different toys and a storage box

Package Dimension : 18 BY 12 BY 5 INCH

Ships from - Surat , Gujarat

Country of Origin : India

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