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The layered cake-shaped stacker adds a lot of excitement among children while also absorbing geometry! Using this toy in order to fit each layer with different objects in forms of chocolates helps them to reinforce their understanding of complex shapes along with their manipulation skills. This is challenging yet fun for children as the end result is a delicious strawberry cake!

Set includes a base with candle shaped rod, 5 layers of wooden circular cake pieces, 5 wooden shapes painted brown, a detailed instruction manual all packed in a compact Skola Doodle box.

Size of the Stacked Pieces : 10 cm x 10 x 10 cm

When children fit the correct shapes in their respective slots, they start distinguishing clearly between various 2D shapes. Sorting and complementary pairing of geometric shapes are critical sensorial processes which improve children's analytical and classification skills thereby improving their understanding of 2D geometry. Remembering the shapes and forming complementary pairs is a brilliant exercise for their short term memory and it also sets a foundation for reading and other working memory. Inserting the pieces on the rod enhances their dexterity.

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