Geometry Puzzle Tray

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The primary objective of the toy is to understand geometric shapes and slot them in the holes also provides an understanding of how square sits on all sides, circle sits any direction and so on importantly, all the shapes are of the same colour, so the child does not have any other differentiating property to match the shape to the slot they need to understand the shape and how it fits to slot the right shape in the right slot this is extremely important for a learning toy.

Children become problem-solvers on their own as they keep trying to fit the right piece in each empty slot. They enjoy seeing the complete image formed when they put the right shape in - the triangle inserted to make a boat or the circle that makes a camera lens. This toy helps children take the initial steps to understanding shapes through complementary pairing.

Age Guidance :2 YRS

Skills : Spatial awareness, Imagination, Motor Skills, Early Learning, Colours & Shapes, Fine Motor Skills, Creativity & Imagination.

Content : Set includes a printed geometric board with 8 geometric lift out shapes, a detailed instruction manual all packed in a Skola Doodle box.

Material : Wood

Product Dimension : 29.5x29x1cms

Ships from Bangalore , KA

Country of Origin India

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