Graded English Grammar Part 7 : School Textbooks Children Book By Dreamland Publications 9781730141324

Rs. 250


Compiled and designed in a uniquely graded manner ‘Graded English Grammar’ is meant for students of Grade 6 who have already learnt the lessons like ABC Order, Use of Capital Letters, Base Form of Verbs, and more. ‘Graded English Grammar – Book 7’ includes a recapitulation of earlier learnt lessons and others like Simple Sentences, Tenses, Voices, Verbs, and many more.

• Ideal for age-group 9-12
• 176 pages
• Cute cover design
• Colourful presentation

The use of colourful illustrations helps children grasp basic facts of English Grammar. Supporting children’s basic understanding of English Grammar, this book included the explanation of the rules of grammar taught in each lesson to make the teaching-learning process much easier and more effective. Exercises given at the end of each lesson will allow kids to check their progress.Age Guidance:5-12Product Dimension:28x22x0.5cmCountry of Origin IndiaShipping Timeline: 2-3 DaysMaterial:Paperback Ships From Delhi

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