Grand Tundra-Arctic Circle Wildlife Safari Adventure-Premium Edition Board Game

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We love safaris but there is nothing quite like an icy adventure into the Arctic Circle, is there? Come aboard, for we are going to the Grand Tundra!

Get teleported to the frozen world of Polar Bears looking out for their prey while the Grizzlies are feasting on Red Salmon, the Great Moose calmly crossing your path, and Snowy Owls perfectly blending with the beautiful surroundings.

Explore the new split-zone board (bigger than the Classic!), more interesting cards, and enchanting visuals that are sure to whisk you away from daily life.

Helps in: Learning about wildlife and their habitat, and enhancing competitive skills, collaboration, mental math skills, and memory. 

Ideal for: Gifting, parties, playtime, education, and digital detox.

Play safe: Designed with safe colors, soft edges, and convenient pizza box packing.


Players: For 2-4 players, ages 6 years and above (from kids to grandparents!) 

Gameplay: Enter the adventure and move forward sighting wildlife, tricking competitors (many twists!), learning facts, and gaining points! The one with the most points will win the game.

Unbox: A vibrant game board, 4 safari pawns, 1 dice, 110 sighting cards, and a richly illustrated play guide. 

Kaadoo 'The Big Game' series is a Parent’s Choice-recommended and award-winning board game.

Product Dimensions - 30.4*28.7*5.5 cm

Ships from - Bangalore, KA

Country of Origin - India 

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