Grand Tundra-Arctic Circle Wildlife Safari Adventure-Premium Edition Board Game

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Explore the Exotic Wildlife in the Grand Tundra

Ever wondered about who roams the vast, ice-covered grounds of the icy Arctic Tundra? Do you only recognize the majestic Polar Bears and the curious Penguins?

There’s more to this icy wonderland than meets the eye and this meticulously designed game by our in-house wildlife enthusiasts will take you on an adventure of a lifetime!

Get teleported to the world of Polar Bears looking out for their prey while Grizzlies are feasting on Red Salmon, great Moose calmly crossing your path, and Snowy Owls perfectly blending with the beautiful surroundings.

Forget where you are and enter into a fascinating new world of the exotic wildlife!

Skills enhanced - Memory, Decision Making, Cognition & Mental Agility, Observation & Concentration, Mental Math skills, Encourage reading

Age guidance - 6+ years 

Box contents - 1 game board, 110 game cards,1 dice, 4 pawns and play guide

Product Dimensions - 30.4*28.7*5.5 cm

Ships from - Bangalore, KA

Country of Origin - India 

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