Hand-made Rakhi

Style: Batman
Rs. 200


Unique rakhi or friendship band!

Why choose this Rakhi?

  1. Completely safe and not harsh on soft hands.
  2. Comes in two favorite character options George piggy and Batman.
  3. Post the occasion it can be converted to pen or pencil topper! It's a cute toy in itself!
  4. Most of all, it remains as a very dear keepsake!
  5. You just have to pull the rakhi thread out. It automatically becomes a pencil topper.

Quality used is Polyester filling and Acrylic Yarn.

Hand-made, Safe and Products are washable, gentle wash!


About the Creator

We all have grown loving fictional characters. And, with the advent of technology, our kids have access to so many fictional characters. At some point or the other, we wished we could have had these characters we long for. And most of the times, we wish we could make our little ones gleam by getting them their favourite character dolls.

That's exactly why we are here. Knitty Knotty Gifts aims to make beautiful handmade dolls that you love. We can make these as dolls, key chains, pencil toppers, pouches, fridge magnets, Finger Puppets, Hand puppets, Hairbands and clips.

We have already made a lot of unique dolls and made so many kids fall in love with it already!

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