Human Body Floor Puzzle (Wood)

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Much more than a Jigsaw puzzle, this giant 3 X 2 feet floor puzzle made of wood will help your child learn human anatomy through the joy of a toy. With 60+ removable organs, bones and other body parts along with their labels, this puzzle is sure to boost your child’s human anatomy knowledge! The design ideology focuses on enhancing visual-spatial coordination, promoting critical thinking and improving memory.

SKILLS : Improves memory , Enhances critical thinking,Heightens creativity , Hones visual-spatial coordination and visual perception,Boosts knowledge (Human anatomy),Enhances gross-motor skills

AGE: 4 to 12 years

Size: Giant Floor Puzzle

Play time: 25-30 minutes

Contents : Giant floor spread wooden puzzle split into 6 large jigsaw pieces,60+ pieces of organs and other body parts, Labels

Material : Wood

Country of Origin :India

Ships from New Delhi

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